Attracting and retaining NewGen Talent

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2013

the global talent competitivenessThe Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI)  measures the performance of countries across the world on their talent competitiveness, i.e. their ability to attract, develop and retain talent. The top-ranked 20 countries in the  shows countries need both skill sets – global knowledge and vocational – to build a cutting edge, knowledge-based society, a complex undertaking that in some cases relies on strong educational traditions, and in others on immigration policies.

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The 3-Generational Workplace: It’s (Really!) a Good Thing

the 3 generational workplaceCo-mentoring : It’s obvious that co-workers of different generations offer each other the chance to learn new and varying skills—for instance, younger workers can offer senior staff members tips and knowledge on technology, and senior workers can share deeper industry knowledge or offer advice on negotiation and benefits.

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