Welcome to the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre

The NewGen Talent Centre is a hub from which to observe the latest generations at work and a laboratory for creating ties between recent graduates and companies.

Our objective: To restore the allure to ties between business and recent generations by promoting connections between the two. The NewGen Talent Centre is a -3/+3 hub at which higher education, the latest generations and companies meet.

Our conviction: To encourage the early involvement of companies in higher education (-3) and give the school incentives to see to it that recent graduates move successfully into multinational companies (+3).

Our legitimacy: Our experience mentoring recent graduates since 1995 and with corporate graduate programmes. The existence of the -3/+3 hub at EDHEC, from spotting potential talent to retaining it, from getting companies involved in admissions interviews to exploring corporate graduate programmes. Career services administrators at EDHEC have perfected selection criteria for admissions interviews and are responsible for competitive admissions at master’s level.

The work of the NewGen Talent Centre : Monitoring Qualitative and quantitative studies: surveys, focus groups and so on job fairs.
The Tools : The NewGen Talent Centre website publications.