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Keeping Generation X, Y and Z From Throwing Away Their Shot at Leading

In this report, Universum explore what Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z think about leadership. What attracts them to leadership roles ? What gives them pause ? Do these ideas vary by country ? And how do women think differently about leadership than men ?
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What to know about managing “older” versus “younger” millennials

To satisfy the professional expectations of your Millenials employees and make the best use of their talents, challenge the youngest with new issues and entrust the oldest with tasks that need to be executed perfectly so that they become references.
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2016 Career Survey : Share your experience !

After a first edition in 2014, the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre is carrying out its major & international survey about the career choices motivations and integration practices in global Companies.

You have studied in France and validated a bachelor degree ? You have already started your professional career ? Your experience is important to us !
Please take a few minutes to answer our survey. Note that all your data will remain strictly confidential.

To take the survey, follow the link that corresponds to your citizenship :
You are French :
Dual / Other citizenship :

This survey will we available until Thursday, 15th December, 2016.
Thank you for your participation !

Manuelle Malot, Director Alumni Careers / NewGen Talent Centre
Caroline Rubin, Data analyst

Not all MBA students can be leaders

mbaleadersBusiness schools need to provide a learning environment that will enable participants to acquire the technical knowledge necessary to run a business efficiently and optimise resources. But management programmes also need to ensure that participants are developing the interpersonal skills that are indispensable in playing an effective part in intercultural and interdisciplinary project teams.

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